The Company includes a team of over 15 persons and it is proud of its wide combination of experiences, ages, nationalities, cultures without any limitations and in full respect of the human factors as resource to grow the firm in the highest values

We bring together a team that includes master mariners, marine engineers and naval architects, admiralty lawyers and many other marine professionals in order to provide services designed to minimize the risk and ensure the assets are well maintained and secure

Neil Carrington
P: +356 25407020
Donna Reid
P: +356 25407020
John Bugeja
P: +356 25407204
Abigail Bugeja
P: +356 25407302
Marika Vella Pace Micallef
Operations & Crewing Manager
P: +356 25407101
Stefano Bombardini
Clients Manager
P: +33 6 77656221
Laura Fiorito
Accounts Manager
P: +356 25407602
Viktoria Erdelyi
Supervisor Accounts
P: +356 25407603
Nour El Houda Ayat
Yachts Executive
P: +356 25407604
Riccardo Carmignani
Yachts Assistant
P: +39 3336282286
Vania Azalia Almira
Senior HR & Payroll Adm.
P: +356 25407103
Stacey Mizzi
Senior HR & Payroll Adm.
P: +356 25407107
Angelica Lagente
Senior Accounts Adm.
P: +356 25407102