Building on its rich and varied maritime heritage, Malta, a member of the European Union has become one of the most influential maritime service centres and hubs in the Mediterranean region. aspiring to be a worldwide maritime industry centre of excellence. As part of a comprehensive package for the superyacht industry, the Island offers a wide range of international nautical services and amenities. Deep natural harbours, modern superyacht marinas, sizable refit and repair facilities, an abundance of shore side support services and infrastructure, a smattering of local and foreign operators and service providers, as well as bunkering operations and supplies.

Malta Flag Benefits:

∙ Malta has the second-largest maritime flag in Europe;
∙ No restrictions on the sale or transfer of shares of a company owning a Maltese vessel;
∙ Malta is an internationally recognised and reputable jurisdiction;
∙ EU compliant legislation;
∙ Low cost registration fees;
∙ No restrictions on the nationality of the master, officers, and crew;
∙ Malta is on the White List of the Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU;
∙ An international maritime centre offering the full range of maritime services.


Eligibility for Vessel Registration:

A vessel may be registered in Malta by any of the following:

• A resident of Malta who is an EU citizen; a Maltese corporation;
• An EU citizen must select a local resident agent if they don’t live in Malta;
• A business entity must designate a local resident agent if it is not registered in Malta;
• A non-EU national may register a vessel under the name of a Maltese business that the non-EU national owns.


How ASSET V Can Help:

In addition to providing a variety of services to meet your yachting needs, Asset V is an authorised Resident Agent and can aid individuals and corporate entities through the whole process of registering a vessel under a Maltese flag.

Please contact our Business Development department at  [email protected]  for further details on how Asset V can help you.