Another great achievement obtained by Malta’s ship register and by the marine professionals in Malta!

Malta’s ship registry has placed 17th in the Paris MOU’s white list, breaking into the top 20 for the first time. Malta boasts the largest registered fleet in Europe and the sixth-largest globally, with its fleet of superyachts exceeding 800 units by the end of 2019 with an additional 37 units added on to the register in the first seven months of this year.

We are very proud of being part of this success as Asset V supports yacht owners through crewing, safety and operational management services which extend to flag registration and ancillary services. The satisfaction of our clients was heightened during the pandemic as we provided unfailing support to yacht and vessel owners across all our service lines. We act as single point of contact able to offer a complete management package with the purpose of speeding up the time of response, minimizing budget and improving the quality of the service rendered.

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